Prof. Ehud Meron
Ehud Meron is a Phyllis and Kurt Kilstock Chair Professor in Environmental Physics of Arid Zones. He obtained his PhD at the Weizmann Institute in 1985 under the supervision of Prof. Itamar Procaccia. His research interests are nonlinear physics, theoretical ecology and complex systems. He has made significant contributions to the understanding of front dynamics in non-gradient systems and to the dynamics of periodically forced pattern-forming systems, and has collaborated with leading experimentalists (Prof. Harry L. Swinney and others) on testing theoretical predictions in chemical reactions. His more recent research focuses on water-limited ecosystems, where he is known for his pioneering contributions to the understanding of vegetation pattern formation and its implications to desertification, biodiversity and ecosystem sustainability. He is the author of a monograph entitled “Nonlinear Physics of Ecosystems” that aims to bridge the gap between the disparate, and yet closely related, research fields of pattern formation and spatial ecology.